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Todays Innebriation - Diphenhydramine

So, I took 600mg of Benadryl (Diphenhydramine).

Now the effects are setting int. My head feels like its floating, im shaky. Its fun.

I'm glad I don't talk to my ex now. But hey, it was pretty funny when "Cunt Dracula" was written.

Sorry, Im getting really really messed up... I don't even recall waht I was talking about. And I'm too focused on tpying this that I'm not willing to look up. That, and I am THAT lazy on this stuff.

Diphenhydramine - My new uber-favorite drug!

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Todays Innebriation - Diphenhydramine

Right now, I'm coming down off of it.

Im still pretty spacy... I feel like I'm in a dream. I put myself in the right position, and I feel the most comfortable I've ever felt. I'm physically tired, but my mind is awake.

I love Diphenhydramine

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Todays Innebriation - Diphenhydramine

Im only starting to feel the effects, but I'm feeling really tired and blurry and nout of it. No real emotions are felt, just kind of a calming numb. I'll post more if it gets more intense.

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Todays Innebriation -- Alcohol

Im wicked fucked up. I drannk alot of beer. I really realyl have to pee. THis is FUN FUN. I hope I find a nice girl who doesn't tempt to sin like me!!!!!!

Clonopin bitches.

Todays Innebriation -- Clonopin (Prescription Drug)

So, Im kidn of mentally spazzing out while my body is relazing and my vision is getting blurrrrsy. My life feels shitty alot, but most ly right now it feesl godo cause im on somehting.

I was drinkign wine/cookingwine shit but there was barely any so i switched overto my anti-anxiety pills here.


Im like building up to a spiritual experience. Its crazy. Maybe Ill post more.